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Happy Holidays from Promotional Webstores

Our offices will be closed Friday, December 23rd through Monday, December 26th. We will reopen on Tuesday, December 27th, and our blog will resume in 2023.

Happy Holidays from Promotional Webstores!

How to Create an Awesome Swag Bag for Promotional Giveaways

When planning promotional events, swag bags are a great idea for any business. They not only provide guests with a goodie bag (which everyone loves!), but it’s a wonderful way to promote your brand and keep your name on the minds of customers and potential customers.

Creating a swag bag guests will love isn’t hard. Just make sure you have items that people can use more than once. Don’t waste your money on a one-use gimmick or fad items that will just end up in the trash before they even leave your event.

Start with a custom tote bag, like our Non-Woven Promotional Tote Bag. Pricing starts at 96¢, with an imprint area of 10″ W x 10″ H to showcase your company logo or event theme graphics. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match or complement your theme colors. We have a great selection of tote bags, paper, and plastic bags, and more with prices ranging from 43¢ to $25.00 per piece so you can find the right size and style of bag to hold your swag.

Include useful items that will remind people daily of your company. Small and compact items from our Custom Cleaning Cloth, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Drinkware, or Pen stores are inexpensive and easy to fit into any size bag. Below are some of our best-selling items from these stores.

Custom Cleaning Cloths

Staring at 57¢, CC-1000HP is a Value Microfiber Cloth in a Printed Pouch that includes a one-color imprint directly on the pouch for an inexpensive gift. Measuring only 4” W x 2-1/4” H, this pouch is easy to carry to easily clean phones, glasses, and more.

Another popular product is CC-2000LP – our 6″ x 6″ Microfiber Cloth with a Zig-Zag Edge that comes with full color, edge-to-edge imprint to make your graphics come alive. Pricing starts at only 65¢ per piece and makes a great and useful giveaway.

Personalized Lip Balm

Our best-selling lip balm, LB-7000TW – is an SPF 15 Lip Balm w/ Vitamin E & Aloe – includes a Full-Color Imprint starting at just 46¢ per piece and comes in 18 delicious flavors.

Another great option is LB-7005TW, an All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm with a Full Color Imprint . Available in 24 flavors, pricing starts at just 39¢ per piece.

You can even opt for several flavors in quantities of 100 by using the coupon code FLAVOR on either of these great lip balms. Most of our lip balm products are available to purchase in multiple flavors. Information regarding quantity requirements are located on each product page.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer

Available with your choice of cap colors, HS-7000TW, our .33 Oz. Hand Sanitizer Pocket Spray starts at 72¢ per piece. The clip cap makes it easy to keep with you in a shirt pocket for a convenient way to keep hands free from germs and bacteria.

Another popular and extremely portable item is HS-7001TW, a .67 Oz. Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray. Available in 10 Colors, this sprayer easily fits into a wallet or pocket so you can take it with you everywhere.

Custom Drinkware

We have a great selection of Custom Drinkware to fit any event or promotion. 820DB – our Best Coolie with a 1 Color Screen Print (Printed in the USA) is a very affordable option. This koozie holds standard drink cans, comes in a large selection of colors, and starts at only 48¢ per piece.

For evening events that serve adult beverages, 289DG – our 11 Oz. Executive Old Fashion Glass is a great option. Pricing starts at $3.14 per piece and comes with a one, two, three, or four-color imprint.

We have something for every promotion, including Sports Bottles, Stainless Steel Drinkware, Bottled Water, and more at affordable prices at the Custom Drinkware Store.

Promotional Pens

An extremely affordable, practical, and usable giveaway is a Promotional Pen. Preston B (539PE) – our top-selling pen – is a click pen with a pocket clip that starts at only 21¢. Coming in a close second place is the Belfast Budget Stick Pen. Pricing starts at 18¢ per piece. With a white barrel and black ink, you have a choice of 13 cap colors to match or complement your logo or theme.

For outdoor events, opt for a pair of custom sunglasses from The Custom Sunglass Store or a bottle of Custom Sunscreen.

And of course, if your bag is large enough, we have umbrellas. At the Custom Umbrella Store, we have a great selection of promotional umbrellas, ranging from just under $5.00 to around $25.00.

You don’t have to use all of these items of course. Pick a few that you feel people will use the most, put them in a custom bag with your logo, and people will remember your event and brand long after it is over!

Creating a Memorable Promotional Event

Many companies use marketing events to engage with their current and potential customers. Creating a fun and memorable event isn’t hard if you follow a few simple rules.


Start with a Budget

Before you can even begin to plan your event, the first thing you need is a budget. Not only do you need the total dollar amount that can be spent, but also have it broken down into categories and spend amounts so whoever is in charge of that portion of the event knows exactly how much they have to work with. It’s also a good idea to include some kind of contingency dollars in case a problem arises and you need to spend more than you have in your initial budget. You don’t want to be left scrambling for additional funds should something unexpected happen.


Choose a Date that gives Plenty of Notice

You first need to consider planning your event far enough in advance for proper promotion. You need to be able to have plenty of time for promotion and give people enough time to plan to be there. Everyone has a busy schedule, and people need to be able to put your event on their calendars. If you don’t give enough notice, they won’t be able to attend.

Select an Appropriate Venue

Choosing a venue is very important. You want to select somewhere that is suited to accommodate your anticipated turnout while leaving enough room for the various activities you intend to have.

Be sure there is plenty of seating available, especially if it is to be an all-day event. People will get tired of standing, and if you want them to stay to enjoy the entire event you will need places for guests to rest.


Create a Unique and Clever Theme

You want people to be interested in your event, so be sure and strategize to come up with a great theme. Pick something that will peak the interests of both current and potential customers. You don’t want anything too ostentatious or outlandish that might put people off. Choose something fun and interesting, without being annoying. Use banners, tents, etc. with your personalized branding to stand out from the crowd to be sure there is no mistake about who you are and what you have to offer.


Know Your Target Audience

While you want a lot of people at your event, you don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that it is something it is not. If you are a technology business or company that is targeting a specific sector, stick to contacting current customers and others within your industry. If you are aiming for the general public, ensure that it is clear that everyone is welcome. And if it is an adult-only event, make sure that is stated in your event marketing materials.


Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!

One of the best ways to entice customers to come to your event is by creating marketing emails and/or mail flyers. At a minimum, your flyers should contain the information needed for people to decide if your event is worth attending. Provide the date, time, location, and details about the event. Be creative! If your flyer or mailout looks lackluster and boring, people will not be interested and your turnout will be minimal.

Use your social media accounts to promote your event. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are always good ways to let people know that you are holding an event. Be sure to include the date, time, and location, as well as a link for registration if needed. You can also include a link to an online page that provides detailed information about the event and what to expect.

You can even create a Facebook page strictly for your event, offering all the information people need to decide if they are interested in attending, including links to your registration site, if applicable.

Make it Easy to Register

Unless you are doing a walk-in event, you will want to make sure that it is easy to register. The simplest way to do that is by having an informational website where people can quickly register to attend. Don’t ask for too much information – just the basics like their name, company name if applicable, email, and phone number. If there is an entry fee, make sure that you have a good system set up to accept payment. Nothing is more frustrating than fighting with a site that won’t accept your credit card information.

One way to entice people to register early is by offering “early bird” discounts. Create a discount code with a dollar or percentage off that can be used up until a certain point – maybe a week or two before the event.


Keep It Interesting

Do something to stand out from the competition! Plan fun activities like games, treasure hunts, and other interesting things for guests to participate in. Make them specific to your business if possible. For technology-based events – place QR codes around the events for people to obtain more information or win prizes on their own time. Hold drawings for company swag or other items as it pertains to your business. Events are better when there are interesting booths or activities that guests can participate in.

Serve Food and Drinks

Set up an area with food and drinks so guests will stick around longer. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate catered event, but be sure and offer something so people don’t get hungry and thirsty and leave the event to get a bite to eat. Something as simple as grilling hot dogs and hamburgers if you are outdoors, or a nice spread of sandwiches and fruit. For evening adult-oriented events, set up a bar and offer beer, and wine, and even create a specialty drink that ties in with your theme.


Depending on the size and length of your event, consider hiring a DJ or local band to play throughout the day or night. Create a small dance area so guests can show off their moves! The more enjoyable your event is, the more people will remember your brand and think of your services or products long after it’s over.

Create Swag Bags

Everyone loves free swag! The easiest way to hand out promotional gifts is by creating a “Swag Bag” for each guest. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on each bag and its contents, but include custom promotional items people can actually use, that showcase your company logo or event graphics. Don’t opt for gimmicky or one-use items that won’t hold people’s attention.

Marketing Materials

Include booklets, flyers, and business cards in your swag bags for people to take home with them to review after the event. It’s hard to remember everything you need to know after an event is over, so be sure guests have materials to take home to remind them of your services and/or products. Be sure to include business cards and contact information so they can easily get a hold of someone if they need more information or want to purchase your services or products.

If you decide to use “buzz words” in your marketing materials, don’t use anything that has become a cliché, or overused. Don’t use words like “synergy”, “new normal”, and other words that make people cringe. Come up with unique and interesting phrases to use during your event and marketing. You don’t want to drive people away by using buzzwords that should have been put to bed long ago! You may even want to avoid them altogether, and simply provide the information needed to entice new customers or clients.

The more you can do to make your event interesting and memorable, the longer people will think of your services when they are needed. It’s not just about attracting new customers and clients, but also about retaining your existing ones. The more fun and memorable your event is, the more people will remember your brand!

Promoting your Brand on a Budget

New and small businesses have a lot of hurdles when starting out. Advertising your business doesn’t have to be one of them! While marketing is key in getting your name on the lips of potential new clients, you don’t have to break the bank while doing it.


Marketing a new business can be a trying time. Trying to find an effective, yet affordable way to get your name out might feel out of your reach when you first start your company. The good news is, it’s easy to promote your brand on just about any budget! Not all promotional products have to be expensive. While you have a lot of choices that fall in the under $1 category, there are also many custom items you can get for less than 50¢ a piece! Some for even less.

There are numerous products you can customize for 50¢ to $1.00 – custom bags, cleaning cloths, drinkware, hand sanitizer, lip balm, pens, sunglasses, and sunscreen are the most popular. Many of these options even have products under 25¢ per piece! So, no matter how low your current budget is, it’s easy to find a product to help promote your business and get you started.

Putting your logo on pens is about the cheapest item way you can spend your advertising dollars. Pricing starts below 20¢ a piece, making it affordable to buy in bulk and pass them out to anyone and everyone! The great thing about pens is not only will users see your company name or logo as they are writing, but others around them will see it too. And while pens are probably the most easily lost items, it doesn’t mean a loss for you. When one person loses a pen, another finds it, which extends your reach to another potential customer!

Repetition is Key

The best way for people to remember your name is by repetition, and if you give them a one-use item, they won’t remember you for long. You need to spend your money on products that will be used by potential (and/or current) customers daily so your name is always fresh on their minds.

When selecting a product to customize for your promotions, consider items that people will want to use over and over again, so your company name and logo are repeatedly seen by the user. Don’t bother with items that will be tossed after being used one time. Spend your money on items that will be used over and over again, giving your brand repeat exposure.

Choosing the Right Product for your Brand

One of the hardest things about choosing a product is knowing what to customize. You can put your name on just about anything, but you want to be selective about the products you choose.

The key to a good promotional item is usability. Choosing a product people will use that is also seen by others is very important. It’s also vital to select something reusable, so you get the most bang for your buck. When you buy gimmicky little one-use gadgets or fad items, they usually just end up in the trash before you’ve had a chance to leave an impression on the person who received the item.

When looking for a product to represent your company, you want to choose something that your company would use, or that people might think of when using your customized item.

For instance, dentists and orthodontist clients favor custom lip balm. Almost everyone uses lip balm, and when your lips are feeling soft and moisturized, you tend to smile more. And no one wants you to have a great smile more than your dentist! And with prices as low as (or less than) 35¢ a piece, it’s easy to buy in bulk to pass out to every client when they come in for dental work or to use as a mailout for checkup reminders.

Another example is personalized pens. Pens are great for any business and work especially well for banks, realtors, car dealerships, and other companies you typically associate with signing papers.

Custom drinkware is another great promotional tool that works for any company. Not only does drinkware get a lot of reused, but your logo will be seen with every sip by the user, their coworkers, or other people around them.


Another factor to consider is how portable a personalized item is. If you pass out products with your name on them that can be easily kept on a person, the more likely your logo is to be seen frequently not only by the user but by others around them. Hand sanitizer, lip balm, pens, and sunglasses are a great way to showcase your name while staying within your budget.

The bottom line is, you really can’t afford NOT to promote your business. With so many items with prices below $1.00, it’s one of the best ways to spend your marketing dollars to advertise any company. Get started now at PromotionalWebstores.com!

Why Use Promotional Products?

A promotional product is any product you gift to someone, to promote your business, organization, or service. Each product is personalized, containing the brand name, logo, contact information, website address, or anything else that highlights your brand! Gifting these personalized products is a great marketing tool and can really help to boost your brand awareness!

The Benefits of Promotional Products

Companies already use promotional products to increase their brand awareness. Whether it’s handing out customized products when they visit the office in an attempt to sell you their product, or at trade shows trying to increase their customer base. But why do they do this? Let us look at an example.

Imagine as part of your promotional strategy, you give a potential client a personalized product they can use daily that promotes your brand. Marketing research has shown that people in the US are likely to keep a promotional product for on average 12 months. That person will be continually exposed to your brand for 365 days! Now let us imagine that just 2 different friends or work colleagues see that product each day over that same period. Your brand awareness has now reached over 700 people within a year.

Now imagine you gift 100 products. Your brand exposure is now potentially over 70,000. For 1000 products it grows to over 700,000.

Now, this is a simplistic view, but you can see how by using promotional products you can achieve massive brand awareness very quickly. In practice, with the right product, that brand awareness may even be higher. Think about gifting travel mugs. How many people may see that mug daily? That lovely barista that makes you your morning coffee, the customers in the queue, the people on your commute, the staff in the office. That earlier example has suddenly gone from 700 people for one product in a year to over 7000! Just by using a type of product that people will use in their daily lives! You can see how you can expose your brand to large numbers of people with the right product!

At What Cost?

Well as always, the answer to that question is “it depends on the product”. But let’s look at our travel coffee mug example. At our Custom Drinkware Store, we have great options for personalized travel mugs for under $4 each. So, for just $4 you can reach potentially over 7000 people with your brand within a year.

And we don’t just do travel mugs. We have great options to suit all your brand awareness needs! Such as personalized coffee mugs for under $2, personalized pens for under 25¢, personalized bags for under $1, and so many more fantastic options.

What Types of Products Should You Use for Promotion?

To achieve maximum exposure, you want a promotional product that can be used in someone’s everyday life. Market research has shown that the two main reasons people keep promotional products for a long time are the quality and usefulness of that product. So, think about what you use every day either at work or on the go. Pens in the office, coffee mugs (all the time!), bags on the go!

Here at Promotional Webstores, we have a wide variety of stores that sell products that are both high in quality and products that people will use repeatedly giving your brand massive exposure!

From pens to coffee mugs, we have the office covered. From bags to sunglasses, we have the everyday fashion sorted. We even can supply you with high-quality, personalized hand sanitizer gels. A must have item to keep your clients safe in this Covid world.

If you want to take your brand awareness to the next level, then check out our stores! With so many products to choose from, we can help you achieve massive brand awareness!