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PromotionalWebstores.Com is an online marketer of select, personalized products through niche, promotional product web stores. Each individual website focuses on "one promotional product at a time" which allows us to provide a greater assortment of that product as well as enabling our customer care representatives to be an expert in that one product group. Our current online sites offer promotional hand sanitizers, lip balms, sunscreens, umbrellas, sunglasses, caps, bags ,backpacks, candy, mints, key tags and microfiber cleaning cloths. Free Samples, Free Art Assistance and Free Shipping on select products are always available. With a combined time of over 25 years experience in the promotional products industry, our excellent customer care representatives are all about making your order process EASY and your satisfaction guaranteed! We are determined to serve our customers in the best way possible and our individual web store testimonial sections are proof that we are succeeding in this mission. Your satisfaction is what we're all about! If you have any difficulty in using any of our websites or need questions answered, please email us at or call 800 974 3611. We're happy to assist you in any way we can.

Below Are Our Product Sites
Hand Sanitizer Store

If you're looking for a healthy way to promote your company and provide a useful service to your customers, consider giving customized hand sanitizers. We offer full- four color process printing on a range of promotional hand sanitizers. Unlike promotional items that customers never use or just forget about, our personalized hand sanitizers last for months and can be used daily to prevent the spread of germs. Read More >>

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Custom Lip Store

Looking for a useful promotion that is sure to be used ? Personalized lip balm products with your company's message or logo will always be happily received ! We provide promotional lip balm made with the highest quality ingredients from FDA-inspected facilities right here in the United States. We offer a full range of products ,over 50 flavors and fast production time! Read More >>

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Custom Umbrella Store

Get your name out there with personalized umbrellas Everyone needs umbrellas and when your customers use your custom umbrellas they are staying dry as well as promoting your company at the same time. It's a win-win solution to rain and advertising. Our promotional umbrellas can be personalized with your logo and are available in a large variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Read More >>

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Custom Sunglass Store

A fun outdoor promotion for sure ! A great giveaway not only at summer events but for any outside function from concert and sport promotions to charity walks and company outings. Our sunglasses will be worn again and again promoting your logo as well as providing sun protection. We offer a large variety of shapes and styles. Read More >>

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Custom Cap Store

Cap off a great sales campaign with our custom caps! Promotional caps are one of the most popular products to give to your star customers or prospects who become walking billboards for your logo or message. We offer a large selection of shapes and fabrics as well as unique customization. All waiting for your unique logo or design.

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Custom Sunscreen Store

Looking for a healthy way to promote your company at outdoor events? Our Custom Sunscreen Store offers a large selection of sunscreen products in many different shapes and sizes. Available in both SPF 15 and SPF 30 we offer a variety of bottles, sprays, packets and tubes that can be imprinted with your unique logo, design or message.

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Promotional Bag Store offers a wide selection of promotional tote ,grocery, lunch ,messenger, business, gym and duffel bags. Promotional bags offer the largest imprint area for your brand or message and are seen everywhere, from grocery stores to tradeshows. A great way to get your logo seen in all the right places. Looking for a billboard for your brand or message ? Promotional bags provide the best visibility.

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Custom Candy and Mints

Looking for a Sweet Promotion ? At you'll find a wide assortment of promotional candy and mint products. Perfect for giveaways, conventions or employee recognition, our products are 100% customizable to reflect your branding. Our on line store includes an array of mints in tins as well as other unique containers, to candy in bags and boxes. No matter what your budget, timeframe, design requirements or product quantities, will work with you to achieve your promotional marketing needs.

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Looking for a new way to ensure your message or name is being seen ? Reuseable microfiber cleaning cloths are the perfect product for you to do this with. Our on line store offers a wide variety of microfiber cleaning cloths as well as packaging choices.Promote your brand, logo or create a special look with high quality graphic images. Makes an excellent customer appreciation gift as well as the perfect hand out at a tradeshow or other event. Effective at cleaning eyeglasses, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, LCD's and so much more.

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Promotional key tags and key chains keep your company logo or message in the mind of your customers everywhere they go. Our on line store offers one of the largest selections from inexpensive key tags, in dozens of shapes and styles, to various key lights and multifunction key tags. Your customers carry their keys with them everywhere they go, so our key tags and key chains are the perfect promotional product to showcase your logo or message out front and in their hand !

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Welcome to Promotional Webstore ! We realize that with over 1 Million products available that time can certainly be an issue. Please allow our expert staff to help you in finding the product you desire in the time you need and within your budget. We offer EVERYDAY PRICE DISCOUNTS so you never pay the actual list price shown for any of our web store products. You can also use our advanced SEARCH tool to find the product you are looking for, then e-mail or give us a call for your DISCOUNTED PRICE QUOTE. FREE SHIPPING !! also available on most products !

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Business owners require effective ways to reach and engage their audience. Studies show that promotional products are not only appealing to more consumers, they are also one of the best ways to communicate a message or theme to a target audience.

Promotional Products Association International surveyed more than 1,000 individuals who had received a promotional product within the preceding two years. The results showed that more than 80 percent enjoyed receiving these types of products and nearly half - 48 percent - would like to receive more promotional products in the future.

This form of marketing has also proven to have significant staying power. According to the PPAI survey, 76 percent of survey takers were able to recall the product they received, the advertiser who had offered it and the message being conveyed.

That's a recall rate that most business owners would envy, but they can enjoy the benefits of promotional products by turning to Promotional Webstores. We offer one of the Web's widest selections of personalized goods, which can be tailor-made with your business' branding and messaging. Contact Promotional Webstores today to learn how we can put our products to work to strengthen your next marketing campaign.

Why it pays to buy the right promotional products

Consumers are inundated with advertisements every day, and it's easy for them to suffer burnout and ignore or even resent ineffective or spammy marketing attempts. However, by offering promotional products, business owners can ensure consumers develop a positive association to their brand and its messaging.

That is because consumers favor advertising if it provides them with some sort of utility. The PPAI study showed that 68 percent of consumers would willingly pick up a promotional product being offered at an event, mall or tradeshow if they thought the product would be useful. With this in mind, business owners who shop at Promotional Webstores and its niche websites can find personalized products and wares that appeal to their customers.

What you can find at Promotional Webstores

At Promotional Webstores, we stock items that consumers desire, and by personalizing each with your business' unique branding and messaging, we are able to help your company extend its marketing reach.

For example, umbrellas are a must-have, and by offering personalized umbrellas emblazoned with their company logo, companies can keep their customers dry while also keeping their business on consumers' minds. Promotional sunglasses are another weather-related item that everyone needs, offering another opportunity for business to send a message.

In today's health-conscious world, customers are also likely to appreciate custom lip balm and promotional hand sanitizers. This is just a sampling of the items offered by Promotional Webstores at affordable prices and backed by reliable service.

Why buy from Promotional Webstores?

Promotional Webstores operates a family of niche websites, each designed to connect our customers with the exact promotional product they desire. By offering one product at each website, we can provide customers with a more varied selection and our customer service specialists gain more expertise in the branding reach and appeal of each individual product.

As a result, business owners who shop for personalized items at Promotional Webstores will enjoy our unique product expertise, fast service and friendly customer support. We simplify the ordering process to ensure quick delivery, and we ship most of our orders within three to five days.

With more than 25 years of experiencing personalizing products for business use, Promotional Webstores is the partner your business needs to harness the reach and appeal of promotional product marketing.